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Conjunctions 59, Colloquy

Recorded at a January 2013 launch event for the latest edition of Conjunctions, the widely regarded biannual literary journal published by Bard College. Hosted by Conjunctions founding editor Bradford Morrow, the evevning featured readings by: Jedediah Berry (The Manual of Detection), Charles Bernstein (All the Whiskey in Heaven, Girly Man), and Valerie Martin (Property, Mary Reilly).

Conjunctions: 59, Colloquy contains several selections of special correspondence by the unrivaled American novelist William Gaddis, a portfolio on monstrosity edited by Peter Straub, and a symposium on The Word edited by Robert Coover. It features work from reader Jedediah Berry, as well as from Jonathan Lethem, China MiÈville, Rae Armantrout, Peter Gizzi, Lydia Davis, William H. Gass, Shelley Jackson, and many others.


Channel 192


Channel 192 is curated by Jack Macrae, editor of the Henry Holt imprint Jack Macrae Books, who says that most bookstores, especially the leviathan Borders and Barnes and Noble, are not interested in books. So he and his wife, gallerist Paula Cooper, opened their own, 192 Books on 10th Avenue in Manhattan. Like bookstores of old, 192 houses a collection that is a very personal reflection of its owners. Programs appearing below were recorded during public readings at 192 Books or Paula Cooper Gallery.