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Chocolate 'N Peach Dumpling

Join the Dumpling Diva as she once again masters and teaches the art of cooking.

Want to master it yourself?
You can use one not-too-ripe peach, cut up in 1 1/2 inch pieces
(1 good size peach can make up to 11 dumplings)
Marinate in peach brandy (or some vodka) with 1 tblsp of sugar
Splash of vanilla for couple of hours, then take the peach pieces out
Keep the marinade to create a Fab Summer Cocktail later!

Get wonton skins,
Put 1 skin down & put a teaspoon of dark chocolate chips or ganache down,
Then pile 3 pieces of marinated peach on top of the dumpling skin
Seal all 4 sides of the dumpling skin with water to form tiny package...
You'll probably get at least 8 dumplings.

Heat thoroughly on skillet with a drop of light oil and place dumplings on pan surface
Lower flame & after few seconds add a tblsp of water
Cover with lid so steam will cook...
(This takes no more then 3 minutes the dumpling skin should be opaque on top & chocolate inside melted.)

Serve with orange gelato.

Now pour some of the marinade into a champagne glass and top with Cava or Prosecco.

PS: There will be no leftovers.


Cooking Up A Storm


Marja Samsom, the Dumpling Diva, has brought all of her pots and pans into the AIR kitchen, where she will cook all her most alluring, signature dishes and provide you with any help you need to make them yourself. Once a performance artist based out of Amsterdam, Samsom thrives on the act; you could ask for no more informed and inviting a culinary guide than Samsom, whose Euro-Asian fusion creations have made her one of the most respected and exciting chefs in New York. So turn up the volume, turn on the oven and tune in.