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Chief Rocker Busy Bee and DJ A.J.

Hip-Hop pioneers Chief Rocker Busy Bee and DJ A.J. were featured player's in host Charlie Ahearn's seminal film, Wild Style!. For Charlie, Busy Bee is one of the funniest and most beloved MC's around. DJ AJ, who is the cover model on the book, Yes Yes Y'all: The Oral History of Hip-Hop's First Decade, started out with Grand Master Flash and has promoted parties with Busy Bee, Kurtis Blow and other greats. Here they do their stuff live in AIR's Clocktower studio.


Yes Yes Y'all


Charlie Ahearn invites hip-hop, DJ and dance world elites and up-and-comers up to the Clocktower studios to talk history and music. Ahearn, a foundational figure in the hip-hop and DJ scenes, is the director of the movie Wild Style and co-author of the book Yes Yes Y'All.