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Carrie-Anne Murphy, Bad Credit No Credit and Clapperclaw

Storied front-woman Carrie-Anne Murphy of Bad Credit No Credit and Clapperclaw joins the gang this month to play some of her choice picks from Shea's live music archive. Also hear about her Texas origins, shady businessmen, "sexy" bands vs. "sexual" bands, French punks, and more.

Bad Credit No Credit was formed by Carrie-Anne Murphy in Brooklyn. Its instrumentation consists of drums, bass, horns, and vocals. Lyrically, the band examine issues of power and filter thoughts through the musical lenses of the punk, jazz, pop, world, dance, and rock music genres in hopes of examining American pop culture and gender stereotypes.

Clapperclaw is the solo electronica exploration of Carrie-Anne Murphy.

Luke Chiaruttini, Nora Dabdoub & Adam Reich host/produce.


Sheananigans 2.0


Live music archivists Adam Reich, Luke Chiaruttini & Nora Dabdoub of Brooklyn venue Shea Stadium invite members of the DIY music community to share their favorite tracks and stories, and discuss the past, present and future of independent music in NYC.