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British Art Show 2011: artist Nathaniel Mellors

Will goes one-on-one with artist Nathaniel Mellors to get the inside scoop on his video piece Ourhouse, showing as part of 2011's British Art Show 7 alongside animatronic sculptures of two of the main characters from the video: 'The Object' and Charles 'Daddy' Maddox-Wilso, who exhibit glorious amalgams of hyper realistic face mimesis combined with exposed nuts and bolts. Mellors also talks a bit about his upcoming 2011 one-person exhibition at the ICA in London.

Nathaniel Mellors is a British artist working with the combined mediums of video, sculpture, performance, and critical writing. Through this unconventional approach, Mellors explores, among other things, the relationship between language and power in a narrative, grotesque, and humorous art practice.


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