We are now live from IdeasCity Arles, 10pm-12am (FR) or 4pm-6pm (NYC).


We are now live from IdeasCity Arles, 10pm-12am

Book Worm

Since 2015, antoine lefebvre editions is the publishing structure and nom de plume of artist publisher Antoine Lefebvre. He holds a Phd in Fine Arts from the Sorbonne where he teaches. His dissertation title was Portrait of the Artist as a Publisher, Publishing as an Alternative Artistic Practice and he created La Bibliothèque Fantastique (2009-2014), a publishing structure for artists' books that was the practical side of his research. His work was shown in several countries and acquired by numerous libraries and museums, such as the MoMA, Kunst bibliothek and Centre Pompidou. His latest research project ARTZINES is an exploration of the recent changes in self-publishing. The project is a on line database for artists’ fanzines www.artzines.info and a metazine, a zine about zines.