Boerenkool Stampot met Rookworst

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Cooking Up A Storm

Boerenkool Stampot met Rookworst

Hosted by Marja Samsom
Photo by Marja Samsom
Photo by Marja Samsom

Marja offers up a classic Dutch winter dish for the holidays.

2 pounds of Yukon Gold or favorite potatoes, washed & clean (leave nutrional skin)
Cut in 2/3" pieces, cover with water
Bring to a boil w/teaspoon salt (about 10 minutes)
Drain and mash w/about 2 cups of milk
Add 1 bunch of chopped kale... let 'wilt' into the mash
Add 1/2 stick of butter
Fresh grated nutmeg to taste
Add sliced, preheated smoked sausage & blend in with this delicious mess
Salt to taste

Keep in a warm place to let the flavors blend.
(also very delicious the next day ...)

Originally aired 12/24/12
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