Standing in solidarity with Puerto Rico.

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Standing in solidarity with Puerto Rico.

Barbershop Portraits

In this interview, conducted entirely in kreyol, the Haitian artists Michel Lafleur and Jean Valmé discuss their work-for-hire, decorating barbershops and salons-de-beauté with huge portraits of celebrities, hairstyle models and even, in the case of Lafleur, self-portraits. They discuss why this tradition thrives and how they get their work, but also the ways in which their talents are taken for granted.

Nan intervu sa-a Michel Lafleur avek Jean Valmé ap diskite chay yo nan domen dekorasyon babashop ak salon. Atis pent sayo fe anpil lot bagay tou, menm yo gen anpil kliyen nan domen babashop. Yo fe gwo gwo portre tan kou misisyen, sportif, maneken cheve, epi Lafleur kont fe oto-portre tou. Yo ap diskite ki jan yo jwin travay payo, poukisa ansey pint a la main ap egziste anko, epi yo ap pale tou sou jan moun ka pase devan sa yo fe konsa konsa.

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