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Alex Reinwald & Kristin Kahler, Free Your Mix

Welcome to Miami: Everything Is Cheaper Than You Think. Alex Reinwald & Kris Kahler's "Free You Mix" playlist.

Pinpoint: Classic description of the peculiarly tiny bubbles that flow in a lasting fountain from the bottom of your glass when very fine Champagne is poured.

Mixed and arranged by Alex Reinwald, songs chosen by Kris Kahler.

Alex Reinwald is an artist, musician bon vivant who shapes music into a montage of all genres of music, spoken word and everything of the like. He lives and works in Montauk.

About this project Kris Kahler writes: This exhibition is a sound of language, a universal connection to all things present and not present, the closest link we have to what was and has never been. Music, words spoken, sounds imagined, can be arranged to create a story, much like books, paintings, waterfalls, a crowd of laughter, the sound of love in the making. All are sounds that our footsteps make in the crossing of the journeys we step a foot on. Just like the chaos of screams can be a release to the silence of a lonely island, the spirit in all it's moving parts begins and ends with "Welcome to Miami. Everything Is Cheaper Than It Looks. On the radio.

Welcome to Miami: Everything Is Cheaper Than It Looks is presented in a 3-day exclusive streamcast live from Miami Beach organized in collaboration with ONEofONE whose mobile muscle van, designed by the art team of Justin Lowe and Jonah Freeman, will roam the streets with nonstop music, interviews, performances, news and surprise spectacles. December 6-8, 2012.


Art Basel Miami Beach


Official art radio station of Art Basel Miami, offering listeners an exclusive peek at the fair. With Coco Rosie, Lee Quinones, Derrick Adams, Kenny Scharf, and more.