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Afrika Bambaataa

Perhaps the most beloved figure in hip-hop around the globe, Afrika Bambaataa celebrated his 30th anniversary with Charlie Ahearn. Expect everything from James Brown to bangra to Burt Bachrach.

Afrika Bambaataa began his B-boy throw-downs in New York City's Bronx River housing project in 1974, transforming the often violent local gang scene into an entirely new, creative culture through his organization, the Universal Zulu Nation. Here with Charlie Ahearn he tells how, after his hit electro-funk anthem, "Planet Rock," he was able to record with his funk heroes James Brown and George Clinton, as well as with punk avatar Johnny (Rotten) Lydon. "Bam" backs his globe-trotting stories with such fresh, world-funk tracks from his Tommy Boy album, Black Matter At The Speed of Light, mixing the bangra-beat, "Got That Vibe" with the African classic, "Soul Makossa" and the Euro rock of Metal with Gary Numan. He was just as ready with remakes of Burt Bachrach's "Walk On By," Parliament's "Flashlight," and Sly Stone's "Everyday People." Looking for the perfect beat? Look no more!


Yes Yes Y'all


Charlie Ahearn, a key figure in the hip-hop and DJ scenes, director of the movie Wild Style, and co-author of the book Yes Yes Y'All, invites hip-hop, DJ, and dance world elites to talk history and music.