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We are currently updating our site. Stay tuned for an improved listening experience!


Adam Stennett, Arctic Artist Survival Shack

Artist Adam Stennett spent the entire month of February 2016 in the Pioneer Works' garden, without spending a dollar or entering a building for warmth. How? Living in the Arctic Artist Survival Shack, a dwelling of his own design that has everything one needs for physical and spiritual survival. Outfitted with a wood-burning stove, mushroom insulation, and a highly efficient rainwater catchment system, the artist spent his days painting, scavenging, surviving, and leading workshops for the School of Apocalypse program at Pioneer Works.

In this interview, Clocktower's Jake Nussbaum visits the Shack to discuss apocalypse strategies, the relationship between creativity and survival, and the joys living off the land (even if it's Red Hook). Plus: how to build a rocket stove from found objects and start a fire with nothing but an old broken TV!

Adam Stennett (born, 1972 in Kotzebue, Alaska) is an internationally exhibited American painter based in Brooklyn, NY best known for his hyperrealist works.

Arctic Artist Survival Shack. 2016. wood, aluminum and triple wall polycarbonate, 100 watt/100ah solar panel generator 12V DC system with 1500/3000W 110 AC inverter, wind turbine, portable woodstove, vermiculture composting toilet, 11 gallon portable urine collection system, various supplies, 10 x 10 feet.


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