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Warm Up 2007



Dewanatron, The Electronic Instruments
Cool Gypsy Bogdan
Ursula 1000
The Martinez Brothers
Tim "Love" Lee
Invisible Conga People
Tristan Perich
DFA hosts: Tim Goldsworthy and Tim Sweeney
Lee Douglas
agnès b presents: Ex Nihilo (Yann le Marec)
Objektivity hosts: Dennis Ferrer
Objektivity hosts: Filsonik
Charles Cohen and Anthony Coleman
LEMUR (League of Electronic Musical Urban Robots)
Zeena Parkins & Marina Rosenfeld
Ned Rothenberg
Tummy Touch hosts: DJ Soulstatic
Tummy Touch hosts: Daniel Collás
Tummy Touch hosts: Gringo Scarr
agnès b presents: DJ Morpheus
Elliott Sharp
Troubleman Unlimited/Italians Do It Better hosts: Mike Simonetti
Troubleman Unlimited/Italians Do It Better hosts: Lovefingers
Troubleman Unlimited/Italians Do It Better hosts: Glass Candy
Flaming Fire
Rong Music hosts: Woolfy & Projections
Rong Music hosts: Eric Duncan
Ha Yang Kim, Zach Layton, and Ray Sweeten
In Flagranti
DJ Tommy Moye
Robot Radio: David Linton, Optic Noise Groove
Felix Dickinson
Rong Music hosts: DJ Spun
Brad Truax and DJ Fitz
DJ Weirds
Brad Truax
A Touch of Class
Rong Music hosts: Ben Cook
Rong Music hosts: Ben Cook, Eric Duncan, and DJ Spun
Objektivity hosts: Dennis Ferrer and The Martinez Brothers