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Interference AV ft. UNDERVOLT & CO, Jlin, Lightning Bolt, and the Sun Ra Arkestra


The Interview Show

Multimedia artist and humble seeker of truth Will Corwin conjures, compels, and consoles in an effort to profile people, places, movements, materials, trends, techniques, and make broadcast history. 

In this season of The Interview Show, Corwin focuses on women artists from the Middle East; regarding both their artistic practices and their concerns over the myriad of specific issues facing their population. 



Bina Sharif
Bahar Behbahani
Bill Hare, Scottish Endarkenment
Martha Haile, You Can't Eat Money
Meskerem Assegued, Curvature of Events
Cordy Ryman
Letter from Prague
Critical Practices Incorporated
Conrad Ventur
Orshi Drozdik
Paul Anthony Smith
Andrea Belag
Kento Iwasaki, Beloved Prey
Elisabeth Kley
Karen Wilkin, Curator
Neil Greenberg, The Great Richmond
Katie Holten, Linea
Moby, Innocents
Dread Scott and Naomi Hersson-Ringskog
Paul Laster, Editor and Critic
Oliver Herring, TASK
Larissa Harris, Andy Warhol and the 1964 World's Fair
Mike Cloud
Yasmil Raymond: Carl Andre, Sculpture as Place
Seth Tobocman, World War 3 Illustrated
Charlotta Kotik: Text as Image, Image as Action
Joanna Malinowska, A Hawk from a Handsaw
David Cohen, Artcritical
Guy Goldstein, Scars
Kevin Dumouchelle
Aman Mojadidi
Lynda Benglis, Everything Flows
Rebecca Lazier, Coming Together/Attica
Tim Harrington
Jack and Leigh Ruby, Car Wash Incident
Tracey Emin, What She Did For Love
Tracey Emin
Sandi Slone
Lucy Skaer
Ali Banisadr, Tehran to New York
Holly Zausner, Criminal
Pat Steir, Self-Portrait
Liam Gillick
Sandra Skurvida and Amirali Ghasemi
Jarrett Earnest and Leigha Mason, 1:1
Chris Martin
Peter Davies
Lyle Ashton Harris and Chuck Close, Excessive Exposure
Jeanne Faust
Lord Colin Renfrew
Simon Patterson
Pinar Yolacan
Will Cotton, Cockaigne
Ingeborg Zu Schleswig-Holstein
Timothy Greenfield-Sanders, The Latino List
Yoshiharu Tsukamoto, Atelier Bow-Wow
Maurice Berger
Centre For Recent Drawing, Andrew Hewish & Paul Kindersley
Sarah Lucas
Michel Chevalier
Michael Craig-Martin
Gillian Wearing, People
Sabine Mohr
Fiona Rae
David Hockney: A Bigger Picture, Part 2
British Art Show 2011: Hayward Gallery
British Art Show 2011: artist Nathaniel Mellors
David Weinstein
Stan Allen, Architect
Joe Fig
Polite Sleeper
Joyce Pensato
Alan Licht
David Hockney: A Bigger Picture, Part 1
Lavinia Co-op
Xaviera Simmons
Roz Chast
Ellen Weisbrod & Melissa Powell, A Woman Like That
Adam Simon, Four Walls
Brian Dewan, Dewanatron
Steven Mackey
Steven Mackey
Leslie Thornton
Sylvie Fortin, Art Papers Magazine
Bruce Pearson
Simon Lee
Lee Boroson
Kenneth Silver, Chaos and Classicism
Polly Apfelbaum
George Kuchar
Brian Wallis, Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art
Craig Teicher
Gwenolee Zürcher
Dub Inc.
G Lucas Crane
Tony Martin
France Morin & Brett Dakin
Charles Busch
Timothy "Speed" Levitch
David Scher
Jim Torok
Marilyn Minter
George Bartenieff
William M. Voelkle
Eve Sussman
Karen Malpede
Roger Wieck
Shirin Neshat
Jane Fine
Linda S. Chapman
Matthew Higgs
Bjorn-Stjerne Christiansen, Superflex
Laurent Grasso
Lynne Marsh
Penny Arcade
Reverend Billy
Kim Jones
Carolee Schneemann
Joe Amrhein
Richie Temperio
Phil Aarons
Michael Steinberg
Tom Healy
Bruce Adolphe
Fred Tomaselli
Danielle Abrams
Chris Akerlind
Tony Fitzpatrick
Bob Holman
Patterson Sims
Alan Moore & Sandra Skurvida
Carol Muske-Dukes
Dore Ashton
Gregory Volk
Terry Poison
Harry Roseman
Joe Ahearn
Mónica de la Torre
Elaine Tin Nyo
Grace Schulman
Michael Ballou
Lola Pashalinski
Philip Schultz
Maude Maggart
Alan W. Moore
Jack Waters & Peter M. Cramer
Susan Silas
Magdalena Droste
Rosemarie Fiore
Martha Clarke
Erin Riley-Lopez
Betsy Sussler, BOMB Magazine
Alan Moore, The Social Center Movement
Torsten P. Bruch
Torsten P. Bruch
Blanka Amezkua & Ronny Quevedo
Everett Quinton
Steven Englander, ABC No Rio
Aimée Brown Price
Jed Perl
Experimental Troupe Comedy (ETC)
Ronnie Landfield
Gallery Aferro: Art in Newark
David Amram, Part 2 (Film Soundtracks and World Music)
David Amram, Part 1 (Jazz and the Beats)
Gallery Aferro
Justine Delaney, aka DJ Justine D
Ward Shelley
Tiffany Lombardi
Victoria Meyers
Hugo Berkeley
Nir Rosen
Crystal Field, Theater for the New City
Brett Dakin
Vivian Rosenthal, Tronic Studios
Shervone Neckles
Liliana Greenfield-Sanders
Ellen K. Levy
Tommy Mintz
Susan Canning
Erin Sickler
Bernardo Ruiz
Sean Cunningham
North African and Middle Eastern Curatorial Symposium: Abdellah Karroum (2007)