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Bald Ego Online

From 2005 to 2006, Glenn O'Brien, stalwart of the downtown arts scene,and poet Max Blagg hosted this series.

We are re-introducing the series in rememberance of Glenn O'Brien's life in the New York art scene. He will be sorely missed.  



Armory Show 2006: Bald Ego Edition
Never Too Much of the Classics
Thunder Perfect Mind
Interviews, Pt. 2
Interviews, Pt. 1
An Anthology of New York Poets
All Sonnets All the Time
Charles Bernstein
Max Blagg Alone
The Car Talk of Literature
Duncan Hannah
Small Press Book Fair
A Tribute to Cookie Mueller
All Bases Covered
In a Primordial Mood
Dead Letters
Ron Padgett, Anna Akhmatova, and Donald Barthelme
Klassical Korner