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Streaming live from 2-5pm EST, from IdeasCity NY.


Art Basel Miami Beach 2005

Ever wanted to go on a trip to outerspace in an illegally parked rocketship RV in Miami? Couldn't make it down to Art Basel for the steaming hot art scene in 2005? Then listen to exclusive radio coverage of the event, including artist interviews and general tantalizing sound tid-bits.


Miami 2005: Interviews, Exploding Dog and WVUM-FM Miami
Miami 2005: Conversations, Architecture for Art/Museum Architecture
Miami 2005: Interviews, Beautiful Decay
Miami 2005: Interview, Lee QuiƱones
Miami 2005: Conversations, Art Collections and Contemporary Philanthropy
Miami 2005: Rush Interactive (The Morning After), Pt. 2
Miami 2005: Material Culture, Peter Nesbett and David Kiehl
Miami 2005: The Collectors' Forum, Special Edition
Miami 2005: Interviews, SoundBike and The Citizens Band
Miami 2005: Julianne Swartz, David Hardy and Siebren Versteeg on Basel's Alternate Fairs
Miami 2005: Rush Interactive (Miami, The Morning After), Pt. 1
Miami 2005: Jonathan Greenberg and Phoebe Hoban
Miami 2005: Interviews, David Packer
Miami 2005: Interviews, Material Culture - Antonelli, Sigurdardottir and Batan
Miami 2005: Interviews, Meredith Danluck & David Dawaele/2 Many DJs
Miami 2005: Our Correspondents, Miami
Miami 2005: Interviews, Performance & Ephemeral Art
Miami 2005: Interviews, Jared Whitman's Garage Sale Show