We are now live from IdeasCity Arles, 10pm-12am (FR) or 4pm-6pm (NYC).


We are now live from IdeasCity Arles, 10pm-12am (FR) or 4pm-6pm (NYC).

radio channel

Art Unfiltered

Our home for archival recordings of some of the most significant conversations, lectures, and panels to happen in the world of ideas over the past 50 years. This is where you will find Nobel laureates, acid-tripping poets, cult legends, and curatorial heavy-hitters. Rare audio you won’t find anywhere else.



2 Stones, 1 Bird

2 Stones & 1 Bird is a radio show about Red Hook: Red Hook fashion, comedy, friends, music, movies, and work. It comes from the minds of five young men in the neighborhood and features their smart and comedic take on these topics and more. It was created during their 3-month technology and media training at Pioneer Works. Produced by: Javon Webb, Denzel Walker,Savon Sims, Jacob Gibbs and Joseph Alston, in collaboration with Clocktower Radio.

The Interview Show

Artist Will Corwin conjures, compels, and consoles in an effort to profile people, places, movements, materials, trends, techniques, and make broadcast history.

Armory Live at The Armory Show 2017

The Armory Live features an interactive program of talks, live events, and screenings hosted at fair and streamed online March 3-5, 2017.


'MANIA'  is an audio exploration of psychosis in relation to our society, generational trauma, healing, and magic.

Bald Ego Online

  From 2005 to 2006, Glenn O'Brien and poet Max Blagg hosted this series. We are re-introducing the series in rememberance of Glenn O'Brien's life in the New York art scene. He will be sorely missed.    

Intercourse Radio

From the rib of Pioneer Works' annual publication Intercourse Magazine comes Intercourse Radio. The aural extension of its printed counterpart, Intercourse Radio is a collection of interviews and audio highlights to further feed your inter-disciplinary curiosities.

HERE Arts Center

Since 1993, HERE has supported multidisciplinary work that does not fit into a conventional programming agenda. HERE's aesthetic represents the independent, the innovative, and the organization has developed such acclaimed works as Eve Ensler's The Vagina Monologues; Basil Twist's Symphonie Fantastique; Trey Lyford & Geoff Sobelle's all wear bowlers; and Young Jean Lee's Songs of the Dragons Flying to Heaven.

HERE supports the work of mid-career artists working in hybrid theatrical forms through commissions, subsidized performance and rehearsal space, works-in-progress, workshop productions and fully-produced works. A primary focus of HERE is the work of its HARP (HERE Artistic Residency Program) Artists, who partake of a one- to three-year residency.

The New York Times has called HERE "one of the most unusual arts spaces in New York and possibly the model for the cutting-edge arts spaces of tomorrow." HERE aims to integrate art into daily life and engage the community's needs and interests on as many different levels as possible.


Art & Technology

Art & Technology is a radio program that investigates how advancements in new technologies are affecting artists and their work. The series consists of interviews with contemporary visual and audio artists discussing their work, influences, aesthetics and the technical issues they encounter in the creation of their art, relating their personal views about the uses and usages of new media in the art world today. The show opens a discourse with artists working in Interactive, Performance, Screen Based, and Audio and Sound Based media about the role that dynamic technologies play in contemporary art and their own artwork.

Art Basel Miami Beach 2008

For Art Basel Miami Beach 2008, AIR presented The Lunar Lounge, the ultimate all-sensory experience featuring architecture and art, food and drink, music, video, and mind-expanding surprises day and night. Correspondents speak with a variety of artists, curators, and collectors on a variety of psychedelic topics. Broadcast live from the AIR radio booth inside E-AREA's immersive Lunar Lounge, the Art Basel Miami Beach art fair, and beyond.

Close Listening

Conversations and readings with poets and artists, produced in cooperation with PennSound and hosted by Charles Bernstein, the American poet, theorist, editor, and literary scholar. Bernstein was born in New York City in 1950. He is a foundational member and leading practitioner of Language poetry. Bernstein was educated at the Bronx High School of Science and at Harvard University, where he studied philosophy with Stanley Cavell and wrote his final thesis on Gertrude Stein and Ludwig Wittgenstein. In the mid-1970s Bernstein became active in the experimental poetry scenes in New York and San Francisco, not only as a poet, but also as an editor, publisher, and theorist. With visual artist and wife Susan Bee, Bernstein published several now well-known poets whose work is associated with Language writing.

The Bio-Blurb Show

From "wetware" practices to "live" art, from reproductive technologies to cloning, from plastic surgery to brain chips, the "Bio-Blurb" show explores the futuristic aspects of the "sci-art" conjunction in the US, the UK, Germany and Australia. The show is host to artists, scientists, curators, critics and philosophers who explore the intersections of the visual arts and the genetic sciences in contemporary art.

Art Basel Miami Beach 2007

For the fourth consecutive year, ARTonAIR.org was the official art radio station of Art Basel Miami Beach.

The Art International Radio activities and broadcasts in Miami for 2007 were co-sponsored by program partner WVUM-FM Coral Gables.



Established in 2004 by curator and art historian RoseLee Goldberg, PERFORMA is a non-profit interdisciplinary arts organization committed to the research, development, and presentation of performance by visual artists from around the world. Throughout the year, PERFORMA presents lectures, panel discussions, and workshops on an ongoing basis that explore the relationship between performance and the visual arts. ARTonAIR.org was the official radio partner of Performa09, Performa07 and Performa05. The third edition of the internationally acclaimed biennial was held in New York City in November 2009, showcased new work by more than 150 artists, and was presented in collaboration with a consortium of more than 80 arts institutions and 40 curators, as well as a network of public spaces and private venues across the city. ARTonAIR.org is also home to recordings of Not for Sale, a dynamic series of symposia on visual arts performance presented by PERFORMA. These sessions are organized by RoseLee Goldberg, Founding Director, and Defne Ayas, Curator, PERFORMA.

Cooking Up A Storm

Marja Samsom, the Dumpling Diva, has brought all of her pots and pans into the AIR kitchen, where she will cook all her most alluring, signature dishes and provide you with any help you need to make them yourself. Once a performance artist based out of Amsterdam, Samsom thrives on the act; you could ask for no more informed and inviting a culinary guide than Samsom, whose Euro-Asian fusion creations have made her one of the most respected and exciting chefs in New York. So turn up the volume, turn on the oven and tune in.


P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center

Discussions, readings, performances, presentations, and interviews with artists exhibiting work or making presentations at P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center (now MoMA/PS1).

Napping Wizard

David Colosi, our titular wizard, weaves magical conversations with artists from all over the map of mediums and genres.

Clocktower Radio Profiles

The hosts of Clocktower Radio interview artists, writers, curators, producers, activists, thinkers and doers.

CB Radio

CB Radio was inspired by the research, design, and development of Citizen Bridge, a temporary floating bridge to reconnect New Yorkers to their waterways. In order to learn about New York City’s waterways, Nancy Nowacek artist and project founder, engaged the expertise and advice of writers, architects, artists, industrial designers, bridge engineers, as well as the experts and enthusiasts that comprise New York City’s maritime community. From the Harbor School to the Waterfront Museum and Showboat Barge, CB Radio—in collaboration with Jake Nussbaum, artist and Clocktower Radio Station Manager— will introduce listeners to the people and ideas that define New York City’s harbor.

Paper Cuts

Paper Cuts is an exploration of the contemporary world of zines and DIY publishing. Hosted by Christopher Kardambikis, each program will feature writers, performers, and artists who have shared their work in print, on paper, and in small editions. Zines are truly dynamic publications that have built and supported engaged communities around ideals, experiences, genres, music, politics, poetry…anything that can be printed, shared, and/or mailed. The series will act as a cross section of this varied landscape and rich history. Listen to voices that would normally live in your hands and demand your eyeballs.

2MF (2 Many Feelings)

2MF (2 Many Feelings) is a series of monthly community meetings organized by artists Sonya Derman and Maria Stabio. Determined to encourage pro-emotive and ante-academic conversation among artists in New York City, 2MF meetings center around content significant to the facilitating artist. 2MF takes action in two parts: monthly meetings facilitated by local artists focusing on a topic of their interest, and a radio show/podcast hosted by Clocktower Radio in Redhook, Brooklyn. All meetings are open to the public, and Derman and Stabio encourage newcomers to join. Meeting details will always be posted on the 2MF website, www.2manyfeelings.com.

QCA's Creative Conversations

Creative Conversations is a signature program of the Queens Council on the Arts. It is a monthly dinner meeting hosted in different Queens neighborhoods where artists have the opportunity to network, organize, meet community stakeholders, and develop strategies for community advocacy. It is open to artists and the general public.

IdeasCity Radio

IdeasCity Radio is a collaboration between the New Museum's IdeasCity initiative and Clocktower.


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