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Jake Nussbaum

Jake Nussbaum is a multidisciplinary artist, writer, and radio producer based in Brooklyn. His recent public projects include Field Guide, a solo exhibition of costumes and maps; Ecstatic Ensemble, a feature article for INTERCOURSE Magazine; and Just the Facts and Pass the Bucket, a music radio show for WJSC-FM. In 2013 he was a Staff Artist at the Vermont Studio Center. He holds a degree in anthropology from Wesleyan University.



IdeasCity Radio

IdeasCity Radio is a collaboration between the New Museum's IdeasCity initiative and Clocktower.


Hanging with IdeasCity at Pioneer Works

On December 9, 2016, fellows from various IdeasCity residencies came to the Clocktower radio studio to share their experiences living and making art in New York City, Detroit, and Athens, Greece and how their time at IdeasCity has impacted their lives since. The fellows address questions like: How do you live in New York after living somewhere else? How do you live somewhere else after you've lived in New York? How do you not become a robot living in any city when you have to work for a living? How are we going to survive through a Donald Trump presidency? IdeasCity is a creative, collaborative, civic platform of the New Museum on the Bowery in NYC that starts from the premise that art and culture are essential to the future vitality of cities.


John Ashbery

In this episode of Intercourse, hear John Ashberry read from his selected works. American authors Geoffery O'BrienBen LernerMonica de la Torre, and John Yau discuss Ashberry's influence.


Σtella, From Athens , host

Zeb, The Spy from Cairo, Recorded Live, producer

Zeal Harris, Following Miss Hurston to Haiti , producer

Your Boy Black Helmet Vol. 25, producer

Your Boy Black Helmet Vol. 24, producer

Your Boy Black Helmet Vol. 23, producer

Your Boy Black Helmet Vol. 22, producer

Your Boy Black Helmet Vol. 21 , producer

Yonatan Gat, producer

Yao Ramesar, Haiti Bride , producer

Xu Wang, Study of Soil , host


Woody Sullender, Furniture Music, producer

WHO YOU CALLIN’ A BITCH?!?, producer

WHATUP FAM?!? , producer

Wayne Barker, host

Virgin Writes: Esperanza Spalding & Yuka C. Honda, host

Vincent Cacchione, Soft Black + Caged Animals, producer

Unit 11 Roving Residency Launch: Victoria Keddie, Scott Kiernan, and Ed Bear , host

Twoubadou Eden Fel Concert , producer

Twouba Eden Fel (Kreyol) , producer

Twouba Eden Fel (English) , producer

Turtle Bugg, producer

Tuning In , producer

Tricksters, Foxes, Crows, and Chimeras, host

Toukadime: Taste of Morocco, producer

Toukadime: A Taste of Tunisia, producer

Tom Bogaert, Rocket Number Nine, producer

Thomas C. Chung, Pan Patat, producer

Thomas C. Chung, Little by Little , producer

This Takes Place Close By , producer

The Surrealists of Haiti, producer

The Museum of Trance, host

That 90's BLOCKPARTY Though, producer

Tetraphonics: MSHR, producer

Tetraphonics: Lea Bertucci's Quadraphonic Cello, producer

Tetraphonics: Hubble (Ben Greenberg), producer

Tasso Bef/Fried Seasoned Beef, producer

Tapemania: Perfect Wave , host

Tapemania #6 , host

Tapemania #5 , host

Tapemania #4, host

Tapemania #3 , host

Tapemania #2 , host

Tapemania #1 , host

Taiko Masala, producer

Table for Won , producer

Stuart Baker DJ Set (Part 2) , producer

Stuart Baker DJ Set (Part 1), producer

Straight to the Practical, host

Steve Mentz: Little Red Lighthouse Swim , host

Stanley Nelson, The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution, producer

STANKLOVE: Episode 1, producer

St. Trinite String Quartet, producer

St. Trinité String Quartet , producer

Some Justice, host

Sir, You Will Doubtless be Astonished! An Interview with Laura Morrison , host

Shezad Dawood, producer

Shahzia Sikander + Anne Pasternak, Gopi-Contagion, producer

Seth Cluett: Rock, Paper, Zither, producer

Secretary Daniel Miller, producer

Second Sundays: Xenia Rubinos and Pitch Black Brass Band, producer

Second Sundays: Winter in Red Hook, host

Second Sundays: Weyes Blood & Chop and Quench , producer

Second Sundays: Videofreex, host

Second Sundays: Terry Dame and Smokey's Secret Family, producer

Second Sundays: Stephane Wrembel and Banda De Los Muertos, producer

Second Sundays: Pioneer Works Resident Daniel Temkin , host

Second Sundays: Pioneer Works Resident Artist Helene Nymann, host

Second Sundays: Michael Caputo Grammy Special, producer

Second Sundays: May 2015 Mixtape, host

Second Sundays: May 2015 Artist Interviews, host

Second Sundays: M.A.K.U SoundSystem and Tongues in Trees, producer

Second Sundays: Kaleta & Zozo Afrobeat and Zenen Zeferino y La Verdolaga en Playa, producer

Second Sundays: June 2015 Mixtape, host

Second Sundays: July Mixtape, host

Second Sundays: Intercourse 3 & Videofreex, host

Second Sundays: Gonzalo Guerrero , host

Second Sundays: Big Lazy & Janka Nabay and the Bubu Gang, producer

Second Sundays: August Mixtape, host

Second Sundays: Artist Interviews, December 2014, host

Second Sundays September Mixtape, host

Second Sundays July 2015: I Love Vinyl, producer

Second Sundays Interviews: Mathilde Roussel, Jesse Moretti, Olivier Conan, and Janka Nabay, host

Second Sundays Interviews: Carmen Bouyer, Azikiwe Mohammed, host

Second Sundays Artist Interviews: Ruben Millares and Antonia Wright , host

Second Sundays Artist Interviews: Hatim Belyamani, Pretty Sick, Christy Gast, Denise Milstein, Amelia Winger-Bearskin, host

Second Button Gap, producer

Screaming Females in Times Square, producer

Scientific Controversies: Time's Arrow , host

Scientific Controversies: Can We Explain the World?, producer

Scientific Controversies: Black Hole Blues, producer

School of Apocalypse, host

Say No To Drugs?, producer

Samson at the Fete!, host

Sameer Gupta + Michael Gam, Brooklyn Raga Massive, host

Sam Lavigne, host

Sam Janis, Billion Oyster Project, host

Sahra Motalebi, Sounds from Untitled Skies, producer

Sabisha Friedberg, Sub, producer

Sabine Blaizin: Second Sundays DJ Set , producer

Ruby Onyinyechi Amanze and Larry Ossei-Mensah, host

Rosemarie Recipe: Mayi Moulin/Ground Corn, producer

Roscoe Mitchell Live at Pioneer Works , producer

Roscoe Mitchell & Scott Robinson in Conversation , host

Rony Cadet, Vodou Marassa, producer

Robert Smith, Real Time Flood, host

Richard Morse and Andre Eugene in Conversation, producer

Richard Gere, Time Out of Mind, producer

Richard Fleming, Amazing Barbershop, producer

Revelators, host

REVEIL: Daybreak Transmissions, curator

Resurrection, host

Resident Fabrice Monteiro, host

Representing NYC and Downtown Electric, host

Renovatin', host

Ray Weiss, Le Rug, producer

RAFT: Transmissions, host

Radyo Shak Rara Wrapup, host

Radio-Active, producer

Radio Haiti Archive: Franketienne, producer

Radio Haiti Archive: Foula, producer

Radio Art Therapy at Volta 2016, producer

Radhika Khimji, Safely Standing, producer

Psychic TV: Genesis Breyer P-Orridge & Edley ODowd, host

Proofreaders, producer

Prisoner's Cinema, host

Poetry Slam, Triyole Group + Maison Blanche, producer

Poetry Slam , producer

Playing Hooky 2015: Future Shuttle, host

Playing Hooky 2015: Ben Seretan, curator

Playing Hooky, host

Phill Niblock, No Fancy Name, producer

Pheeroan akLaff, Meditation with Quest, host

Pedro Sousa, A Song for True, producer

Peals, Time is a Milk Bowl, producer

Patriot Games with OBAMALLAMADINGDONG, Doe Biden, and American Justice, producer

Patrick Derival & Wilson Bonhomme, Vodou Drumming (Kreyol) , producer

Patrick Derival & Wilson Bonhomme, Vodou Drumming (English) , producer

Patricia Clarkson, Learning to Drive, producer

Pat Spadine, Bell-O-Vision, host

Papada Blessing the Shak , producer

Pale Horse, producer

Pack Lattice Head, host

Oliver Lake, The Long Blues, host

Of the Chain, host

NY Watertrails , host

November Second Sundays Artist Interviews , producer

Noah Klein (Cuddle Formation & FMLY), producer

New York Art Book Fair 2015, Part 2, producer

New York Art Book Fair 2015, Part 1 , producer

Ned Rothenberg, Recorded Live, host

Nate Wooley, Gabrieli Mix, producer

Mumbling Beauty Louise Bourgeois, producer

MTA, producer

MSHR: Knotted Gate Chant Cycle , host

Mother's Day Edition , producer

Money Lab, producer

Milford Graves, host

Midnight Moment: Antony, Charles Atlas & Women of Turning, host

Michael Mulvihill, Charcoal, producer

Michael K. Taylor, Rara to Second Line, producer

Maybe That's What Meds Are For , producer

Matt Darriau: Who is Manny Blanc?, producer

Marjani Forté-Saunders: being here… in Memory, host

Marina Rosenfeld Deployed , producer

Marie Lorenz, Tide and Current Taxi, host

Lukas Ligeti, host

Live Mince, producer

Lisa Fairstein, Loud Frames , host

Life of The Party, producer

Letter from Prague, producer

Les Conversions (Pat Murano/Dave Shuford), producer

Leo Morrisey , producer

Lee Lee’s Home-Gardens, producer

Leah Gordon, Andre Eugène, and Alanna Heiss , producer

Lea Bertucci, Double Bass Crossfade, producer

Lavar Munroe, host

Lakou Kèv: Haitian Wax, host

Labor, producer

Kwynn Johnson, Barrack Yard, producer

Konbit Mizik: Romel Jean Pierre, Prince BR, and Danny , host

Konbatan , producer

Keiko Hara: Topophilia Ma and Ki - Memory, host

Kate Ovaska, Phosphenes, host

Just The Facts and Pass The Bucket, host

Just One More, producer

Junior's Recipe, producer

John Ashbery, Breezeway, producer

Joe Winter, Radyo Shak Architect, producer

Jen Ray, Deep Cuts , producer

Jeff Sandgrund, Brooklyn Bridge Park, host

Jean-Euphèle Milcé, producer

Jean-Daniel Lafontant: Vodou, Drumming, and Rara, producer

Jean-Daniel Lafontant, Temple Nah-Ri-Veh, producer

Jason Forrest, Network Awesome , producer

Jamie Ross, A Script of Desire, producer

James Brandon Lewis Trio, host

Jaime Oliver + Marco Donnarumma, Xth Sense, producer

Jaiko & Benoit , host

Jacques Diennet, Le Pic Saint Loup, producer

Jackson Thélémaque (Kreyol) , producer

Jackson Thélémaque (English), producer

Ismael Ogando's Erzulie Dantor, producer

International Winners DJ Set , host

Influence of the Beyond, host

Ikue Mori, Recorded Live, producer

I Love Vinyl: Erika Elliot , producer

Guardian Alien in Times Square, producer

Greta Gerwig, Mistress America, producer

Great and Grand, producer

Gravesend + JMC Aggregate, host

Golnar Adili: Language Landscape , host

Golden Braid, host

Gina Cunningham, Boat Tree, producer

Ghetto Biennale: Radyo Shak , producer

G Lucas Crane, Nonhorse, host

G Lucas Crane at Outpost, producer

Frankie Cosmos, Recorded Live, producer

Found Sound Nation: The Westerlies, Zula, and Brandon Seabrook, producer

Found Sound Nation: Port St. Willow, Bombay Rickey, Ian Chang, Margaret Glaspy, host

Found Sound Nation: Odetta Hartman, Mobius Percussion, Noveller, Pinegrove, producer

Forever Rara Fanm, producer

FOAM: Under Construction, host

FOAM Interviews: Matthew Porter, host

FOAM Interviews: Matthew Leifheit and Cynthia Talmadge, host

FOAM Interviews: Joshua Citarella, host

Flat Earth Theory, host

Fire Over Heaven: Kurt Ralske, Gao Jiafeng, Mike Bullock, Todd Capp, producer

Expandable Sound, host

Exo-Tech , host

Evel Romain, producer

Endless Editions , producer

Emma Donoghue & Lenny Abrahamson, Room, producer

Emily Spivack, Worn Stories, host

Emily McMehen: Max Beauvoir, producer

Edgar Endress, The story of institutions, producer

East of What??, host

Eartheater, producer

DJ Love Leonce , producer

DJ Clifford Bawon , producer

DJ Bwa Pen, producer

Divine Comedians, host

Disguise (Part 2): Zina Saro-Wiwa + Adejoke Tugbiyele , host

Disguise (Part 1): Saya Woolfalk + William Villalongo , host

David Sharps: Waterfront Barge Museum, host

David Horvitz & Ches Smith, 47 Bells, host

Dany Laferrière & Andre Eugène , producer

Critical Run: Today's Emergencies, producer

Critical Practices Incorporated, producer

Conrad Ventur , producer

Conrad Botes, host

Confessions of The ArtWorld™, producer

Clocktower Radio Profiles: Victoria Keddie, David Fierman, Catherine Gaffney , host

Class Reunion , producer

Citizen Bridge and Mary Mattingly, Swale, host

Cities Are Natural (Composition Three): Volvox, UMFANG, Mike Sheffield, producer

Cities Are Natural (Composition Three), Melissa F. Clarke, producer

Christien Sylvaince, Merisier Jeannis Fest, producer

Chiktay / Herring Salad for Drinkers Recipe , producer

Charles Harlan and David Everitt Howe, Flood, host

Chapels for Days, host

CB Radio , host

Casseus Claudel, Imajine, producer

Carl Persak, Brooklyn Boatworks, host

Carl Martin Faurby, Lakou Freelance , producer

Can’t See Your Own Face, host

Bryan Rodriguez & Tween Rappers , producer

Brooklyn Raga Massive, producer

Brimstone Makes the Dog Dance, host

Bouki and the Cocaine, Ben Fountain on Haiti, host

Bettina WitteVeen: When We Were Soldiers, host

Barbershop Portraits , producer

Bann Konte, producer

Banann ak Yam nan Sos Pwason Recipe, producer

BACKpack TO SCHOOL, producer

Auditorium Preview, producer

Atlas Moth, host

Anxious Spaces II: Via App, producer

Anxious Spaces II: July 2015 Mixtape, host

Anxious Spaces II: Ital , producer

Anxious Spaces II: Aurora Halal, producer

Anonymous DJ Set (Part 2) , producer

Anonymous DJ Set , producer

Anna Sebastian, producer

André Breton Lecture , producer

Alberto Danelli, Concrete Art Militia #1, host

Afrofunk Sauce , producer

Adam Stennett, Arctic Artist Survival Shack, host

Achim Mohné & Uta Kopp, REMOTEWORDS, producer

AASF: The Ventriloquist Summerschool, host

AASF: Enrol Yourself , host

AASF: Brooklyn Art Library, host

AASF: Black Mountain School, host

AASF: Arts Letters & Numbers, host

AACM at 50: Muhal Richard Abrams, George Lewis & Roscoe Mitchell, host

A Walk Through the Grand Rue, producer

A Thousand Masks, host

A Conversation about John Ashbery, host

@@, producer

75 Dollar Bill + Brian Carpenter’s Ghost Train Orchestra, producer

2MF with Andrea Arrubla, producer

#trashDAY, producer

James “Blood” Ulmer, Guitar Activist, host

Amina Claudine Myers, Evolving Song, host