Join us for Interference AV ft. UNDERVOLT & CO, Jlin, Lightning Bolt, and the Sun Ra Arkestra in Feb 2018


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Interference AV ft. UNDERVOLT & CO, Jlin, Lightning Bolt, and the Sun Ra Arkestra



Matotumba (MTTMB) is an art collective and experimental music group formed in the year 2000 by audio-visual artists from Puerto Rico. Best known for their improvised electronic-experimental music, and their work spans the visual arts, theatre, site-specific performance, video, and filmic scores.


Over the course of two decades they have managed to compile an extensive discography and videography as well as producing two documentaries about their work; have been on tour 3 times in México, the most recent one, promoting their latest full length album Cosas Malas which was regarded as one of the best of the year 2016 by the music blogs Puerto Rico Indie and Batiscafos.

Matotumba along with Vueltabajo Colectivo, co-organize various projects such as AÑOS LUZ; Teatro de la CoMMediaCirco de la Plaza; Cuentos para el Camino; and AGUALLEVA; among others.



Focus On Puerto Rico : Matotumba

For Focus On Puerto RicoMatotumba's project Dystrópical will address ongoing issues directly effecting the colony of Puerto Rico, at this present time. Culminating as a new experimental audiovisual project, Dystrópical aims to address Puerto Rico's economic crisis and social-political landscape, hypothesized in a not so distant but uncertain future on the dystopian tropical island of Puerto Rico and the “detached” from the mainland island of Miami.


Focus On Puerto Rico

Clocktower has partnered with Mana Miami to produce a residency program for Puerto Rican diaspora artists, and/or artists presently living and working in Puerto Rico.