Clocktower is seeking Puerto Rican Artists for Spring & Summer Residencies


Clocktower is seeking Puerto Rican Artists for Spring & Summer Residencies

 Museo De Arto, Puerto Rico. Image courtesy of Joe Ahearn
Museo De Arto, Puerto Rico. Image courtesy of Joe Ahearn

Clocktower is launching a residency program for creative practitioners interested in making projects for the radio. Over the course of three (3) months, artists will work with Clocktower's radio producers to create original audio projects. Currently, Clocktower is looking for 1 resident for the Spring session (April-June), and 1 resident for Summer (July-August). One of the selected participants will be from Puerto Rico.

Past examples of projects created by residents include live radio performances, recurring podcasts, one-of-a-kind sound performances, and site-specific soundwalks. The residency includes access to Clocktower’s radio studio at Pioneer Works, weekly development and production meetings with Clocktower’s radio station manager, and inclusion in our seasonal podcasts and radio archive, as well as $750 stipend and up to $500 material support. Additionally, the residency includes the opportunity to work with Clocktower’s publishing department to develop printed materials in conjunction with their radio work. Past examples include risograph books, zines, and cassette mixtapes. Clocktower will also offer administrative support locating media partners and publicity around the project. The second opportunity is also radio-related: an open invitation for artists to submit sound art proposals and radio shows - in English or Spanish - to be broadcast by Clocktower Radio during the 2017 seasons.

In addition, Clocktower is partnering with Mana Wynwood to launch a residency program for artists living and working in Puerto Rico to spend three (3) months producing projects in the visual, media, and sound arts in Miami. The program provides plane tickets and a complimentary studio/ living space to artists, with 7 participating artists from Colombia, Peru, and Argentina alongside those from Puerto Rico for 3 months. This residency opportunity connects artists to Mana’s network of curators, collectors, and other resources at their locations in New York and Chicago, as well as Clocktower’s long history and community through its’ radio, event, and exhibition programs. The program will receive 3 artists from Puerto Rico per season (3 months), beginning in April and running for at least a year (July, Oct, and January). The participants will be chosen from a panel that will consist of Mana curatorial director Ysabel Pinyol, Clocktower’s Alana Heiss and Joe Ahearn, along with 3 members of the Puerto Rican arts community.

You can submit your application here

Application deadline for 1st cycle (April 2017) is February 24.

Application deadline for 2nd cycle (July 2017) is May 24.

Application deadline for 3rd cycle (October 2017) is August 22.

Application deadline for 4th cycle (January 2018) is November 22.

Haga clic aquí para leer esta página en español. Todas las aplicaciones deben estar en Inglés.

Additionally, Clocktower has residency opportunities in our studio located at Pioneer Works in Red Hook, Brooklyn. More information regarding these residencies can be found here

Posted January 30, 2017
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