Clocktower and Mana Contemporary present focus On Puerto Rico -- a 3-month residency program featuring cutting-edge work by artists living and working in Puerto Rico, as well as Puertorican-born diaspora artists.


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Our Focus On Puerto Rico residency is now in full swing!



dubknowdub Performance: Dub Like A Serpent

On March 10, 2011, the Clocktower Gallery presented Dub Like a Serpent, an improvisational audio art piece based on recordings made by band members STO and ELI during their studio program of the Clocktower building - its heaters, the wind on its roof, its echoing halls, and perhaps even its ghosts. These recordings were filtered through dubknowdub’s signature dub machine and sampled with dis-syncopated riddim melodies to create a work unique to the Clocktower Gallery.

dubknowdub also presented a one-night exhibition of original visual art created by STO and ELI including drawings that highlight the artists’ disparate but complimentary aesthetics, as well as photographs taken during the duo ‘s late night escapades through the Clocktower’s rooms and corridors.

Formed in 2009, dubknowdub has preformed at nearly every DIY venue Brooklyn has to offer including Silent Barn, Monster Island, and Death By Audio. Dubknowdub’s unorthodox approach of blending audio art techniques with the time signature mash-up methods of dub music has garnered critical recognition as well as a loyal following.