Soft Series Concert No.7, Duo Marié
Broadcasting live @ NoMad Loft!


Soft Series Concert No.7, Duo Marié
Now broadcasting live @ NoMad Loft!



Canyon Candy exhibition opening

The evening includes screenings of the film, a live performance by Javelin, and several hundred cowboy-loving guests.

Opening event photos by: Joe Perez,

Javelin Cowboy Music

Filmmaker Mike Anderson and band Javelin collaborate to create this mix of vinyl and other sadly forgotten magic music from the old west. Canyon Candy, made specially for by Javelin, includes tracks byLegends Of The West, Montana Slim, Slim Whitman, Robin Lee, Johnny Bond, Johnny Cash, Joe Meek, The Golden Girls Of The Golden West and others. This show includes a bonus track from the exhibitions' opening performance, the soundtrack to their music video vinyl release, and an interview with Clocktower's Gallery's Curator of Performance and Installation,Joe Ahearn. Joe catches up with Javelin to discuss how their Clocktower project came to life, and brought New Yorkers an environment rarely experienced in the concrete jungle. They examine the evolution of their music from sample-obsessed electronic grooves, to the forgotten sounds of the American West, culminating in Canyon Candy, the album. They also discuss one-dollar records, the power of soundscapes, the relationship between the installation and the album and the inspiration both pieces lent to one another.