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Curator Ian Cofre stops by the Clocktower studio, with comrades Natasha Bunten and Daniel Johnson -- all three members of a think tank/working group called AEL: Art + Economics Laboratory. Will met Ian at the artist residency Art OMI in Ghent, NY in 2013, a month long program which has supported many visitors over the past 3 years. Natasha, Daniel, Will, and Ian immediately dive into a polemical and thought-provoking discussion of the problematic and broken art education system that currently costs so much and provides so little direction for its graduates. AEL was organized to create and promote alternative narratives to the traditional art school trajectory of training. The program veers away from the ladder to artistic self-reliance that fails most graduates: promising graduates that school will be followed by gallery representation, followed by superstardom. Ian, Natasha and David look at artist-run and non-traditional art schools, art blogs and the systems and networks of fundraising and patronage that help form and maintain the current structures of art education and the hierarchies of the art world itself.

Track: -/-
Series: The Interview Show
Show: AEL: Art + Economics Laboratory
Host: Will Corwin