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Paul Anthony Smith swings by the studio to talk about his exhibition, Yellow Tail Never Kick Rocks, presented at Zieher Smith & Horton in April and May of 2015. The show presented a series of stitched and printed paintings, as well as Smith's works created with his picotage technique, a mechanical, repetitive process of stripping away the top surface of a photograph to reveal shimmering, TV-static-like marks. Also included at Yellow Tail Never Kick Rocks was a 6-foot yellow wall, referencing a similar one in Smith?s native Jamaica where he likes to sit and arrange fallen mangoes from a nearby tree. The act is a social experiment?Smith waits to see if passersby pick the mangoes up?and also a form of meditation.

Besides a discussion about his show, listen to Smith talk about the best fishing spots in the New York area, exploding ceramics in kilns, and his adventures photographing fishermen in Jamaica.

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Series: The Interview Show
Show: Paul Anthony Smith
Host: Will Corwin